2-Week Itinerary Cuba on a Budget

Cuba is a great country to visit: Its cities feel like open-air museums, full of pittoresque oldtimer-cars and colonial buildings, there are lots of beautiful beaches and nature reserves you can visit. Cubans are probably among the most chill people on earth – well, that is for the guys. As for the Cuban girls – well, they are Latinas . Though life sure isn’t easy in Cuba, folks there somehow make it work and still have a smile on their face. Learn a little  bit Spanish – it’ll sure help you get in touch with the locals .

This backpacking itinerary combines beautiful beaches with adventure in natural reserves and culture. Within two weeks, you will explore 6 beautiful cities of Cuba: Havana, Vinales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Clara and Varadero.

How much time do I need to see all this?

15 days or longer if you prefer. Just spend some more time at the places you like. Or swap some things with suggestions noted in each post.

How much money do I need for 2 weeks in Cuba?

900 USD to 1000 USD per person (travelling as a couple – a solo travelling person might have to spend a bit more) including accomondation, transfer, food and some tours.

When to go? What is the best time to travel to Cuba?

Usually the best time to travel to Cuba is from December-May. Be careful if you plan to visit Cuba during the Hurricane-season. Check out this best-travelseason-tool for more info.

Highlights – What will I get so see during the trip?

Plaza de la Revolución , Camera Obscura , Mirador of Vinales , Cueva del Indio Cathedral of San Cristóbal , Teatro Tomás Terry , Palacio de Valle , Laguna de Guanaroca , Iglesia de San Francisco de Asis Plaza Mayor Topes de Collantes Che Guevara Museum Scuba diving in Varadero .

Route Cuba Backpacking Backpacker Travel

You can either use the links in this summary here to get some detailed information about each place, or the floating bar at the botton of the page to navigate through each day.

Day City
Day 1 Havana
Day 2 Havana
Visiting City (Plaza de la Revolución, Cementerío de Cristóbal Colón, Castillo de la Real Fuerza, Cathedral of San Cristóbal)
Day 3 Havana
Visiting City (Chinatown, Basílica of San Francisco de Asís, Camera Obscura)
Day 4 Havana Vinales
Ride to Vinales, Visiting City, Mirador of Vinales, Mural de la Prehistorica
Day 5 Vinales
Visiting City, Palenque de los Cimarrones, Cueva del Indio
Day 6 Vinales
Mirador of Vinales, Cueva del Indio, Buying Cigars
Day 7 Vinales Cienfuegos
Ride to Cienfuegos, Visiting City (Palacio Ferrer, Teatro Tomás Terry, Palacio de Valle, La Punta Gorda)
Day 8 Cienfuegos Trinidad
Natural Reserve Laguna de Guanaroca, Visiting City (Habor, old train station), Ride to Trinidad
Day 9 Trinidad
Radiotower at Cerro de la Vigia, Visiting City (Iglesia de San Francisco de Asis, Ermita de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria de la Popa, Plaza Mayor, Casa de la Musica)
Day 10 Trinidad
Scuba diving at Playa Ancon, Swimming at Playa Ancon, Visiting City (Plaza Mayor, Casa de la Musica)
Day 11 Trinidad
Natural Reserve Topes de Collantes, Visiting City (Plaza Mayor, Casa de la Musica)
Day 12 Trinidad Santa Clara Varadero
Ride to Santa Clara, Visiting City (Plaza de la Revolution, Che Guevara Museum, Monumento de Tren Blindado, Loma Del Capiro), Ride to Varadero
Day 13 Varadero
Swimming, Relaxing
Day 14 Varadero
Scuba diving "Neptuno", Scuba diving "Caribe", Relaxing
Day 15 Varadero Havana
Ride to Havana, Leaving Country
Day Accommodation Food Activities & Misc Transport
Day 1 15 CUC (15.00 USD) 5 USD 35 EUR (43.33 USD) 5 CUC (5.00 USD)
Day 2 15 CUC (15.00 USD) 22 CUC (22.00 USD) 10 CUC (10.00 USD)
Day 3 15 CUC (15.00 USD) 23 CUC (23.00 USD) 5 CUC (5.00 USD)
Day 4 7,5 CUC (7.50 USD) 12 CUC (12.00 USD) 5 CUC (5.00 USD) 17 CUC (17.00 USD)
Day 5 7,5 CUC (7.50 USD) 26 CUC (26.00 USD) 18 CUC (18.00 USD)
Day 6 7,5 CUC (7.50 USD) 20 CUC (20.00 USD) 7 CUC (7.00 USD)
Day 7 7,5 CUC (7.50 USD) 22 CUC (22.00 USD) 36 CUC (36.00 USD)
Day 8  9 CUC (9.00 USD) 21 CUC (21.00 USD) 20 CUC (20.00 USD) 6 CUC (6.00 USD)
Day 9 9 CUC (9.00 USD) 24 CUC (24.00 USD)
Day 10 9 CUC (9.00 USD) 26 CUC (26.00 USD) 58 CUC (58.00 USD)
Day 11 9 CUC (9.00 USD) 24 CUC (24.00 USD) 30 CUC (30.00 USD)
Day 12 8 CUC (8.00 USD) 22 CUC (22.00 USD) 2 CUC (2.00 USD) 19 CUC (19.00 USD)
Day 13 8 CUC (8.00 USD) 18 CUC (18.00 USD) 35 CUC (35.00 USD) 2 CUC (2.00 USD)
Day 14 8 CUC (8.00 USD) 16 CUC (16.00 USD) 80 CUC (80.00 USD) 2 CUC (2.00 USD)
Day 15 6 CUC (6.00 USD) 15 CUC (15.00 USD)
Sum 135 CUC (135.00 USD) 287 CUC (287.00 USD) 305 CUC (305.00 USD) 97 CUC (97.00 USD)
Total 824 CUC (824.00 USD)

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2-Week Itinerary Cuba on a Budget

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