So… you want to travel somewhere, but have no clue whether the time you chose is actually good? Or, you’ve planned a round trip for several countries, but are afraid that you may have to spend your days on the hostel’s porch in some country thanks to rainy season?

With this tool here you can see when it is actually good to travel to a region quite simply. By adding more than one region, tinkering around by changing the order you can finally mark a route for the months that are worthwhile to visit the countries.

Remember though: This is no weather forecast!

All information is based on publicly available weather data from the past (weather pages, travel sites & guidebooks). By recurring weather events you can conclude the approximate conditions in a month. I can neither give you a guarantee that the weather at a given region does exacty what the charts say, nor that this information is 100%ly correct though.

Region J F M A M J J A S O N D


Best time to travel
Good time to travel
Kinda ok time to travel
Bad time to travel
  • You can easily easily rearrange the order of the rows by drag&drop
  • Move the coursor to the info icon next to each region for more details
  • Mark a route for your journey by clicking in the month column
  • If you want to remove a region, simply click on the trashcan icon