Snorkeling in Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker – 

The Mosquitos here may be small… but really really mean and their sting hurts quite a lot. Although… those are actually sand flies, I think. At “Pause”, our accommodation, the cats living here are quite early on their paws and hunt for some small crabs. We get up and have breakfast at the café “Brisas del Mar”: Delicious omelettes with bacon. Add a frappucino with vanilla ice cream to that. Yum ! We check-out at Pause (unfortunately It’s been booked out for a few days), pack our things and go to the bungalows of “Tropical Paradise”. It’s a cool place, right next to the beach too with a pier (Pause = sunset. Tropical Paradise = sunrise). The cemetery next door is completely overgrown and with all its palm trees it just looks like an old pirate’s cemetery.

We wander through the city for a bit and look for snorkeling and diving opportunities. We won’t do Blue Hole yet, but book 2 dive trips at the divebase “French Angelfish” and will go snorkeling with Carlos today (65 BZD (32.54 USD)). We get ourselves each a fresh coconut on our way to the north of the island and find us a boat under a palm tree to sit in the shade. Delicious – and fruity. The Rastaman who sold the coconuts, seems to have a little side business: “Magical” herbs. Thanks, but no Ganja for me today . We meet Ben at the beach bar “Lazy Lizard” right at the split. He’ll go spearfishing with Kate tomorrow. That kinda sounds cool too. I heard that there is a Lionfish plague going on here – those critters should also be quite delicious.

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At 2 pm we are on Carlos’ boat to go snorkeling at the local reef. As the sea is really calm this is very relaxing and you see a lot of the reef and the marine life. On our 2nd stop there are seem to be already a lot of stingrays and nurse sharks waiting for us. As those get chummed by many other scuba diving and snorkeling operators they seem to gather around approaching boats hoping for a free meal. The nurse sharks and stingrays follow us quite some time while we snorkel in this area but seem to lose interest eventually as they won’t get fed by us. Unfortunately we dont manage to see any Manatees during our trip – Maybe tomorrow during our scuba dive with French Angelfish? Back on the boat, we have some fresh fruit and coconut rum as compensation (Kuknat Rum, very very delicious!).  We are very exhausted when we arrive at Tropical Paradise. After having a quick shower it is already getting dark outside.

We have dinner at “Roses”. Barracuda Kebab. I didn’t know that you could actually eat those. The fine print on the menu says “12% Tax added”. A little later one of the guests leaving the restaurant shouts at us that we should watch out, because they automatically add some sort of tax here (Well, more like service fee). Yeah, not cool and we noticed it way to late on the manu too. I’m really thinking they made this tax up, since I haven’t seen any tax at all at other restaurants. The barracuda is really tasty, but… no tip this time. On our way back we get us some ice cream and sit down on a bench at our private pier. It feels strange for some reason. We get up early and go to bed very early aswell. At 22 pm we are already totally spent.


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Snorkeling in Caye Caulker

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