Hasta Luego, Cuba

Varadero –

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cuba varadero graffiti wall backpacker backpacking travelWe have a small breakfast before saying goodbye to our hosts and heading off to the Viazul bureau. It’s 7:00 in the morning as we arrive, and the lady at the counter has to reassure us that there are more than enough free seats on the early bus. We buy each a ticket 10 CUC (10.00 USD) and get us some fresh empanadas at the snack bar next door. It doesn’t take long until the bus arrives. And indeed, it is quite empty – no need to worry .

cuba varadero memorial backpacker backpacking travel cuba varadero empty street morning backpacker backpacking travel cuba varadero oldtimer graffiti backpacker backpacking travel

 Havana –

route-cuba-varadero-havana-backpacking-backpacker-travelDuring our drive we got to know Hannah, a Swedish girl, also on her way to the Airport. As we are now 3 people, we can split the taxi ride 15 CUC (15.00 USD). We arrive overly punctual – there wasn’t any need to hurry at all. On the contrary: Since the AC ist malfunctioning in the waiting hall, heat and humidity is starting to rise in here. While we sit on a bench, sweating our asses off, I notice a Cuban gentleman on another bench, dressed in his best suit, not losing any thought about taking off his jacket or opening his shirt buttons. Seems this guy is literally absorbing heat: Black shoes, black suit, black shirt, black tie. And yes, he’s black too . How? Just… how isn’t he feeling any heat? We have to endure this heat a bit longer will we can get past the security – the AC seems to work here… Just let me pay the exit/airport fee 20 CUC (20.00 USD) so I can get out of here fast! .

cuba varadero oldtimer backpacker backpacking travel cuba varadero playground backpacker backpacking travel cuba havana oldtimer graffiti backpacker backpacking travel

Panama City –

I’m happy to be in an airport with a working AC. While waiting for the ongoing flight I discover peanutbutter M&M’s in a store: We don’t have those in Germany… Strange. Maybe I should buy a bag…

Our next flight will be straight to Germany this time .

Frankfurt –

Home sweet home. I just can’t wait to get in bed now.

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Hasta Luego, Cuba

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