From Mexico to Belize

Tulum – 

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We take the morning bus to Chetumal … while the city streets have extreme potholes the Route Nationales are well maintained. And going totally straight! I wonder how the bus driver does not fall asleep while driving down this monotone road.

My concerns about bad weather are gone now. Looking forward to Caye Caulker .

Chetumal – 

Mexico Chetumal Rain Flooded Streets Backpacker Backpacking TravelEverything flooded. Here, it has rained extremely. We buy the watertaxi-tickets at the port and go to get something to eat. Very cheap, but also very good: Chimichangas with almost only chicken, thin tortilla and lots of cheese. Delicious. The luggage is loaded into the boat while we ready our immigration papers. As we already knew, 4 military police guys arrive with a drug sniffing dog to check the luggage. The hand luggage is being checked… then few pieces of luggage get unloaded again to be checked. I do not understand why they do not wait with the loading till everything is checked by the police in advance. One of the Policemen and the dog jump on the boat and Fido has to jump into the luggage hatch. The pretty young dog has already enough trouble to keep himself from slipping from the smooth boat surface. So he is like “No way i am jumping though such a narrow hole”. After a while the policeman gives up and next we are on our way to San Pedro .

San Pedro – 

Madonna’s island looks quite nice, yet Caye Caulker is supposed to be way more beautiful. After passing through immigration we head on to Caye Caulker. On the ride to Caye Caulker we get to know Kate, a British girl and Ben, a Canadian. Belize’s money looks alot like the british pound… yet, the queen printed on it looks a little different. Kinda tanned and much younger. Here in the caribbean, this is a must, even for your majesty .

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Caye Caulker – 

Route Mexico Tulum Belize Caye Caulker Backpacker Backpacking TravelIt gets dark quickly. Somehow everyone is pretty relaxed here – “go slow”, this is the motto of the island. A few boys are playing street ball at the harbor. The fastest moving people on the island? We share a golf cart taxi and head with Kate to “Pause Accomondation”. Ben continues to his Hotel. Both agree to meet tomorrow, i kinda had the feeling during the boatride that she was kinda into him anyways .

Cool Bungalow, and Location. The shore is just about 2 meters from the house which is surrounded by palm trees and mangroves. The toilet is on the other side of the yard, and there’s a rustling in the mangroves – crabs. We ask Kate to accompany us to dinner. Our choice is “Belizian Flava” – A 25 BZD (12.51 USD) menu with lobster, side dishes and 2 drinks. Cool. Eventually, we see Ben near the restaurant. The island seems small. So food for 4 it is. I prefer pork ribs over lobster though. Again at Pause it starts pouring rain. Yet, i fall asleep like a rock. By the way: Mosquitoes don’t seem to care at all about some puny bug spray here…

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From Mexico to Belize

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