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Mexico Merida Catedral De San Ildefonso Tower Backpacker Backpacking TravelWe take a taxi at the ADO station to the hotel and just drop on the bed there. A short siesta. While Verena stays in bed, I keep stolling around the city. We are quite central, within walking distance to the main square and the surrounding churches.

In the afternoon we both now have a walk and buy each one of those very praised hammocks made of sisal, which are famous for Merida. They seem to be completely indestructible. In the evening we take the bus to the large cemetery in Merida. Again, unfortunately… no festivities here. But it is also well worth a visit. It is very reminiscent of the cemetery in Havana… with quite large mausoleums which are partially in ruins. It seems the festivities are on 31.10. in Merida and on 01.11. in San Cristobal in the cemetery. We should have gone to the cemetery just after ziplining the day before. Well, bad luck . On our way back we get past the main square, where a band just started playing, next we go along the Prado for some grocery shopping at the local Walmart. I am always flashed from these huge shopping malls. A large selection, sure… also extreme quantity (3-litre-juice-boxes). Although we buy some food for our tomorrow trip, but discover the bakery department: Jello in umpteen flavors and tons of cupcake decoration. Pink/Purple fucking Glitter! We wanted to buy some Mescal anyways as souvenir, but the baking ingredients also get into our shopping cart . As we arrive at the hotel, we start looking online for a car rental to ride the Ruta Puuc without having to book a tour.

Mexico Merida Catedral De San Ildefonso Backpacker Backpacking TravelMexico Merida Cementary Backpacker Backpacking Travel
Mexico Merida Colonial Buildings Backpacker Backpacking Travel 2Mexico Merida Palacio Municipal Tower Backpacker Backpacking TravelMexico Merida Colonial Buildings Backpacker Backpacking Travel

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