Mexico, I should go to Mexico…

Frankfurt – 

Airport. We have to run like crazy – we totally forgot to get the Esta (30 EUR (37.01 USD)) for the transit in the USA. If we had known that you also need a visa for a simple transit in the US, that would probably have been quite different… and more relaxed. The lady at the Esta-counter is quite cool, the check-in lady snotty. 2 minutes before deadline, we finally manage to check-in. This is just like defusing bombs in movies – you know? When the hero manages to save the day just before the timer hits zero? By the way, you should not mention  “bomb” in airports.

We are not sitting together in the plane due to the late check-in, yet a quite helpful stewardess notices this and manages to find us two empty seats. Great! I’m way overexited right now. The seats seems somewhat small. Smaller than the KLM or Etihad ones. I cannot sleep at all.

Houston – 

Small airport, huge mall, no transit area. Strange. The american chocolate bars are big though. Peanutbutter Snickers! I didn’t know those existed. We get us some of those for our ongoing trip. The United Plane for the onward flight is a bit too warm – we are standing for a while already and the turbines are not switched on – so no air conditioning running eighter.

Cancun – 

We arrive at the immigration counter. Approximately 7 US guys in partnerlook-shirts and “drinking 18 #cancun” are standing in front of us. I’m quite glad to have already booked the transfer to Tulum via hoppa, too much “Springbreak-vibes” here. Our driver waits outside. Also another German couple riding along. It’s pouring outside. Extreme humidity.

Akumal – 

The couple gets out. As I’m getting a little hungry, the Snickers-bar with Peanutbutter gets devoured quite fast. Awesome.

Tulum – 

Tulum looks at night like Asprovalta, a small holiday village, where my grandma has her holiday house in Greece… except for the huge american cars. “Mexico y Nubes”, our hostel, is located a little off Tulum, but quiet and very cozy. We fall tired into bed.

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Mexico, I should go to Mexico…

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