Mexico, i should go to mexico…

Frankfurt – 

Airport. Running like crazy – thanks to Esta we have to pay 30 EUR (35.69 USD) for the transit in the USA. If we had known that you also need a visa for a simple transit in the US, that would probably have been different. The Esta lady was cool, the check-in lady snotty. 2 minutes before deadline, we manage to check-in. This is just like defusing bombs. By the way, you should not mention  “bomb” in airports. The food on the plane is passable, so I’m looking forward to Mexican food. A cool Stewardess lets us sit together in some free seats, since we only got some seats apart cause of the late check-in. The seats are somewhat small. Less than KLM or Etihad. I cannot sleep.

Houston – 

Small airport, huge mall, no transit area. Strange. The american chocolate bars are great. Peanutbutter Snickers! The United Plane for the onward flight is a bit too warm – we are standing for a while already and the turbines are not switched on – so no air conditioning running eighter.

Cancun – 

Immigration counter. Approximately 7 US guys in partnerlook-shirts and “drinking 18 #cancun” stand before us. Glad to have the transfer to Tulum. The driver waits outside. Another German couple also. It’s pouring. Extreme humidity.

Akumal – 

The couple gets out. I am a little hungry. The Snickers with Peanutbutter tastes awesome.

Tulum – 

Tulum looks at night like Asprovalta, small holiday village, where my grandma has her holiday house in Greece… except for the huge american cars. “Mexico y Nubes”, our hostel, is located a little off Tulum, but quiet and very cozy. We fall tired into bed.

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Mexico, i should go to mexico…

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