The ancient Maya city Palenque

Palenque – 

We intended to walk down the road to the junction in order to catch a colectivo to the historic site, a few meters down the road however, a white pickup leaves the driveway of a ranch. So we soon get to meet Adriana who descides to pick us up. I’m always surprised about the way folks in Latin America just simply offer their help without even being asked ! We hat time for some chat: She used to live in Cancun, but followed her husband here to the “wilderness” – at least from the sound of it, this is what Palenque is for her . Nevertheless she started her business and will be opening her own hotel in Palenque. So keep your eyes open for Adriana’s .

Adriana is taking us to the gates of the historical area of palenque from where we take a colectivo to the ruins.  Here we get surrounded by a crowd of (supposed-to-be) guides who all want to show us the site. At the official counter they offer us a 1,5h tour to the main ruins for 1000 MXN (53.47 USD) and for 2000 MXN (106.94 USD) you can get a tour which includes some sites in the jungle (2,5h). Thanks, but no thanks.

We have been to Tikal and know that seeing an archeological site of this size takes time. In the end, we go on our own and it takes us more than 4 hours to see just the main part of Palenque. While having a break for “breakfast” we yet again meet the Danish guys me travelled with from Guetemala to Mexico . We had just started with our “nice healthy” peanutbutter-platano snack, so they could not resist to remind us not to skip breakfast !

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Palenque is crowded with tourists from all over the world. Russians, British… the inevitable Germans of course… but I even heard some folks speak Greek.

That’s enough old stones for Today: Back at the hotel we met Babette, a Dutch girl who is “working away”. Some pretty easy job, she says: “Free accomondation and meals, some cash. And all that for just helping out a little and talk a bit English with the guests” – sounds nice. I saw her quite often just lying in hammock at the pool. Should had done that too in between Highschool and University.

At noon, we decide to get some groceries at the mall (I always get flashed by all the products in those huge malls. Tons of candy! ) and head on to the restaurant across the “Maya” we went to yesterday (Mermaid Arielle’s fish-buddy is the mascott there). It seems we even survived the way from the mall to the “hotel-zone” (or “save-zone” ;) ) in the centre. Yes, we are very brave ! From my experience you never get mugged if you just use some “common sense”. Also – despite as reported Palenque being kinda poor, the poorest people are also the friendliest and most generous in my opinion. As we have a look on the menu, we notice the Danish couple once again (the world is really small!). “You should eat here, the octopus is great”, they tell us. I dont feel like fish today, yet the non-marine food is also great there.* Again at El Colombre, I do some light-painting at the pool.

*Besides: I had the best Pina Colada ever there – without cream? without coco-milk? Just Coco-Cream? No clue, but it was great!

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The ancient Maya city Palenque

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